Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Random Fact #52

I was a hair model.


I didn't much care for it because I have a sensitive head and they were doing crazy things to my hair. Including adding stems of oat. Not kidding. They had this crazy zig-zag curling thing they wanted to use on someone who had long, very straight hair. And well, that's my hair! They did our hair behind the scenes. We got our make-up done. Got to pick out clothes. And why they thought a black shawl thingy looked good with a BROWN skirt is beyond me. Or the hair for that matter. It was nothing spectacular......but supposedly girls going to formal dances would want to wear their hair like this:

And those zig zag curl things were kinda cool. I had to walk around in that short skirt and dip down so that everyone in the show could feel the hair.


Lo said...

that? is hilarious.

seriously. i love the hand stuck straight down to your side. priceless!!! hehehe. i love that you can post pics of your past. AWESOME. more guts than me!

♥Jacqueline♥ said...

Cute 'Do! LOL. I did some modeling and gave my pics away to an ex. Damn it anyway! LOL. So, any plans for future hair modeling??