Thursday, December 4, 2008

How to Annoy Me

Call me up to tell me about a typo.

And that's it.

No other substance or reason for the telephone call OTHER than to point out that I made a mistake.

Thank you BUDDY.

My day was just NOT complete without your phone call.

This one's for you:


♥Jacqueline♥ said...

Let me guess, was it how you spelled Styling??? Ugh, I hear ya. I usually catch mine, AFTER I've posted. LOL

Lo said...

oh, my god. is that your cat???? that is PRICELESS.

and some day? when we meet in person and we sit down w/some java and yummy muffins? i will tell you my stories of jerks (i could think of better words but, will keep this kid friendly) who decide that today, of all days, is the day to make me feel THISSMALL. very small. bc i made ONE tiny itty bitty mistake.

to which i turn to twitter and exclaim, YO! yer human too! jee whiz man.

but really? just think, that man/woman must have a terribly sad life to take pleasure in that. and know that you are so above that.

:) keep your head above the water hun. while people can try to kick us, nobody can keep us down!

Jenn said...

Jacque - it was a work thing, not a blog thing. Someone had to call and tell me about a typo in a letter I sent out.

Lo - unfortunately, that is not MY cat. I just found the pic online.