Thursday, December 4, 2008


I'm posting this advertisement for my lovely sister-in-law, Ashley.

Ashley does hair. AMAZING hair.
She works at a salon:

Rain Salon & Spa
1965 S. Eagle Road
Meridian, ID
(208) 887-7955

Rain Salon & Spa uses Aveda products, which are also AMAZING. They smell delicious and leave your hair and skin feeling .... well, AMAZING! Rain offers a variety of services, ranging from manicures, pedicures, massages, nail services, cutting, coloring, and styling, texturizing, body treatments, facial treatments, waxing, men's massage and facials, and face color.
Here are some pictures of the salon/spa.
Front entrance with all their products. Have I mentioned that it all smells soooo good? Because it does. Aveda products are all natural, so they aren't damaging to your hair or skin.

The drying area.

The shampoo wash/rinse area.

The sytling stations.

The pedicure chairs. Oh know you want to sit in these chairs.

Double massage room. Call and schedule a couple's massage! What a great Christmas treat!

Single massage room. All you ladies out there - you know your mom deserves a massage.
Go see Ashley. She will make you b-e-a-utiful! Give her a call and set up an appointment today!


♥Jacqueline♥ said...

Oh So tempting, but Oh So Broke. :o(

Lo said...

okay. if i didn't live in illinois, i would SO BE THERE. she's got rockin hair yo! i would tooootally trust her with my locks.