Thursday, December 11, 2008

Movie Review: Four Christmases

I know, I know....another Vince Vaughn movie. BUT this one had Reese Witherspoon in it and I love her. So does the hubby.

This movie was very funny - though not AS funny as the previews made it out to be. Nonetheless, it was worth the money.

This movie is about a couple who ditches Christmas with their families every year to go on some exotic vacation. However, this year, they get caught in the little white lie when travel plans go awry. So the Christmas is then spent visiting each of their parents and the adventures that come along with each parent. Tempers flare, embarrassing moments (fat camp) are revealed, and in the end, their love for each other is tested.


Lo said...

you know, my one complaint about this movie is that the PREMISE of it? kinda sucks. but the hilarity of the in-between-middle part of the movie? SOOOO made it worth seeing. i loved this movie bc it was sooooo funny- but the ending kinda left me goin', that's it??

♥Jacqueline♥ said...

Believe it or not, Ross actually asked me if I wanted to go to this movie. I was like, YES!!!!!! I've only been asking to go to the damn movies for like, um, ever!! Hence my little get-a-way with someone about a month ago ;o) So, guess what. We didn't go. Again. Damn it anyway. No one to watch the child. :o(