Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blast from the Past

Ahh.....back to the days of high school. We had our usual suspects....the gang....the people we would meet at every break and lunch. Below is one picture from one of the homecomings. People really didn't have set dates....everyone kind of went as a group and danced with everyone. It was always the best of times. We had parties together - which I do have pictures of. I can't find them. They might be at my parents' house, I'm not sure. I'm the third from the left in the back......the super cool one who nobody warned about wearing a white bra under a black dress. This was probably freshman year? I was young and dumb. And probably had one bra, lol!
I'm fairly certain this was my junior year. This was in a math class and I didn't take math my senior year, so it had to be junior year. I'm on the left.
This was certainly senior year judging by the engagement ring on my finger - which I cut out because I refuse to acknowledge certain things. Denial is sometimes a great place. Anyway....senior year was great for me. Even though I gave up a few things......like softball (sniffle), I looked forward to many things, such as graduating, college, and moving out.

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mrskeller said...

oh yes, the first picture is definitely freshman year. i tried to click on it to see it larger, but it didn't work. i can't see us! but from what i can see, we look really young.

no party pics?! boo!!!