Monday, December 1, 2008


Said with as much sarcasm as you can lather up. For a reason you will later see. As a caption to one of the photos. You'll see. Trust me. Go with it.
So Eric's mom bought Carter this winter coat. From Old Navy. My child is SO stylin'. And Old Navy clothes fit him really well. And he looks fabulous. Of course he does! So this coat was no different. And I found two pairs of matching solid brown, and one solid green with a brown zig zag stripe at the wrist. Totally cute. And a beanie...which doesn't totally match. But who's keeping count, right?
So I broke out the gloves and beanie tonight and we bundled Carter in his get-up. Let me tell ya. The kid was THRILLED to be bundled up in all that crap in the hot house. I was able to get two nice pictures out of the process before all hell broke loose in my house.
Here we are - still cute as can be. Cheeks all pushed up from the buttoned up coat.

And here is where my child is saying to me, in his own gibberish language, because I can't find a damn interpreter..............................ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME?! Is this NOT a bit much mom? Seriously. There is no snow on the ground. I realize this is entertainment for you sick, sick people. But throw me a bone here!


Michelle said...

It looks great on him! love the little gloves!

♥Jacqueline♥ said...

That's so funny! He looks adorable! Well, on the bright side, you don't have to worry about him freezing to death, but he may worry on roasting his tush off! LOL

♥Jacqueline♥ said...


Cute PICS!!

Marchelle said...


don't feel bad. i make my kid endure a lot of annoying crap just to take their pics! its what moms do.

Lo said...

hahahahaha oh i love it. also? this is now stuck in my head- 'ralphie! ralphie! wait up! c'moooonnnnnn wait uuuuppp!!!'

'ralphie! i can't get up! help!'

heh. ever see a christmas story? ooooohhhh so priceless.

carter is so cute!!!!

dorothymae said...

All the great-grandmothers of the your hearts out! My great-grandson is the best looking and most brilliant in this world! Love the pics and words.

Lorie said...

How cute is he! I love getting them all dressed up in new clothes! Too bad they don't enjoy it as much as we do!!