Sunday, April 23, 2017

Oh Kendall.....I hope you know how lucky you are to have TWO birthday parties in one weekend....because that was a lot of work for your mama. Whew! I know she had fun, but We had a party with our family on Saturday, and then Kendall had some friends over Sunday for another party.
So much Trolls!! She absolutely adores everything having to do with Trolls right now.
Getting her $6! 
I got tired of dumping money into JumpTime, so we brought the jump to our own backyard where time wasn't such a restricted issue, and we could party at our own pace. The second she saw Marshall on the website, it was game over. She jumped up and down, and said "that one!" So Marshall showed up in our backyard this morning, and the kids had a couple of hours to jump by themselves before the party kids showed up.
Fun bunch of kiddos!
Thanks, everyone, who came out to celebrate Kendall's big day!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday!

Happy 6th birthday to my baby. This spunky child is my biggest challenge in life, a true spirit who cannot be tamed.....a giggle that is so infectious, piercing blue eyes, and the best snuggles ever.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Weekend

What an incredibly busy weekend for us! Friday night was the quiet before the storm, so we enjoyed dinner and a movie. As soon as Saturday hit, so did the madness. Carter had an early morning game, which didn't go so well (story of this season, for sure), so we quickly put that behind us with a packed weekend.
First thing's first - that giraffe finally had her baby! I've been watching this unfold since the beginning of February, so it's about damn time, April! The baby came out at 5'9" and 129 lbs. He looks like a toy! I just want to be locked in that stall so I can play with him all day. And since I can't have one of my own.......
We also got a lot done around the house, in preparation for some much bigger projects.  We got some patio globe lights and got those installed to the underside of our canopy. I'm not sure if this will be the final home for these lights, as the fire pit project is quickly approaching and the lights might be relocated to that area of the yard. Or maybe we can do both - no final decision has been made.
We also did more painting - because why not, right? The paint to the inside and outside of the house has definitely been the biggest project because it needs the most updating. Though we are 70% done with the inside, the entire exterior needs done. It just never ends with home-ownership, does it? ;)  This specific project was an accent wall in the entry way. There is a bathroom (which also needs updating) that shares the wall, which will be part of a larger project. It has a pocket door which has been a total thorn in my side since the day we moved in. I HATE that pocket door. It will be yanked and a sliding barn door will be added as a replacement. The flooring throughout the entryway and the entire dining room will also be yanked out and some light colored travertine will be the replacement. I can't stand that dark flooring, so I'm really looking forward to pulling that out and getting something lighter in those large spaces.
We also spent some time over at Settlers Park relaxing in the sun while the kids played. This bipolar Idaho weather is really messing with me - I need a steady 83 degrees, please! No more wind, no more rain.
We also tackled a quick project that I've been meaning to do for about four years now. ;)  I made these little garden stones for what seems like everyone BUT me. So I put the kids' hands into the muck and made our own stones for the backyard flower beds. A few years too late, but hey, now I have their little handprints for myself.
And Easter, of course. We didn't color any eggs this year because it really seems like such a waste. I never turn around and use the eggs, so we just stuck with the plastic, candy-filled ones the Easter Bunny brought.

And while we didn't see the Easter Bunny himself, I think he sent a little helper. :)  Our neighborhood is flooded with ducks right now, constantly in the front and back yards.