Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Random Fact #51

I love riding horses.
(My mother and me - sorry for the poor quality)

My grandpa taught me when I was a very little girl and it was so much fun. I can't remember the last time I saddled up though. :-(


Michelle said...

My cousin Nancy has horses and is involved in a few riding clubs. You should get with her sometime. She used to breed them. I'm not sure if she still does.

♥Jacqueline♥ said...

WOW! We have something else in common! When I was super little, my mom owned a horse named MOUNTAIN MAN. The sad thing is, she was with this guy and he wanted her to sell him. So, she bought him originally for $800 and sold him for $200. Now she says, I should have kept the horse and sold the jackass. LOL!