Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's Beginning to Look.......

......a lot like Christmas. Around my house that is. I decorated the inside of the house this last weekend. We don't have a ton of decorations, but what we DO have means a lot to me. I like our stuff. And I try to add to the collection each year. This year is the exception to the rule. Money is beyond tight. In fact, if someone manages to FIND my money, please let me know.

Anywho.....money is tight. New Christmas decorations are NOT a priority in this house. Giving my son a fabulous Christmas, however, is high on my priority list. We are still up in the air about a tree and whether or not one falls on the priority list. In the meantime, the decorations we already have went up to lift spirits. I cranked the holiday music (which ALWAYS puts me in a good mood....it's on in the house, the CDs are in BOTH vehicles, (the husband is just lovin' that) and I play it at work on my headphones) and decorated away. I had a great time. The husband was working, the child was sleeping.....I was having a ball in my own little Christmas world.

(Totally random thought: did you know I was once a hair model in a hair show? I was. They did really strange things to my hair. I have pics to prove it. I will post tomorrow. Hey, gotta keep people coming back somehow!!)
Here is a mini display on one of my tall speakers. I can decorate for cheap.....the star hanging on the wall came from the dollar store, I believe. The snow man with the candy dish came from WINCO....I have the exact same one sitting on my desk at work.
This is Santa and two of the reindeer. My mom got the set for me several years ago and I just love it. I surround them with fake snow and the tree garland with lights intermingled all around.
This bear plays cute Christmas music when you squeeze his belly. I believe he came from the wrapping house - which does not exist anymore. This lady used a house she owned (but did not live in) at Christmas time for people (by invite only) to come wrap their presents. She had stations all around the house....wrapping paper to choose from, and all the little ornaments, etc. to adorn the present once it was wrapped. Some of the presents under our tree were quite extravagent! However, she had to shut it down because it was vandalized. Some people really know how to ruin it for the rest of us.
This display is on one of my other tall speakers. The Santa falling down the chimney plays several cute Santa sayings. The snowman on the "snow" block is one of my favorites and I broke it the day I bought it. I was so pissed! But I glued it back together and you can't even tell. The snowman in front was another dollar store purchase.
I believe these bells were another dollar store purchase. This is not usually where I hang them, but the husband was complaining about all the Christmas stuff and managed to royally piss me off. So then he wanted to help. All I had left at that point was the bells, so I told him to hang those up. This is the spot he chose. Works for me.
I'm not sure where this wall ornament came from but it's super cute.
As is this one - and I have had it forever. I don't now where I got it.
I believe the husband's mom made the Santa's Sleigh wood piece. She's talented like that. The mittens were just added this year. They actually came from all of the husband's Starbucks gift cards he received last year. They serve no purpose but I think they are cute. They do fit the child, but they are not nearly warm enough.
I LOVE having lights in the house. The husband hates it. He's quite the scrooge. I put up less than HALF the lights I normally put up inside the house.
This is my table of north pole houses. I wish I had the money to buy so many more, but two is the extent of my collection right now. Someday, I will add more. I also add fake snow and tree branch garland on this table.
This is the front door. Usually there are lights around it, but this will have to do.
These are the shelves by the front door. These were really fun to decorate.
The little snowman in the front was something I hand-painted at a craft store a couple years ago. The husband's family all went and we had such a great time eating kettle korn, sipping sparkling cider, and painting our masterpieces. I would love to go do this again!!
These two are some of my favorites. They are from the dollar store (I told ya! I decorate for cheap!)
Snow globes are my absolute favorite. I don't know how it's possible that I only have one after all these years. This came from a white elephant gift exchange a couple years ago.
The bells on the front door (which is quite dirty!!). My mom always had bells on her front door and I guess this is something I have carried on.
This is another creation from the husband's mom. I love all her stuff!
I'm not sure where this fella came from. But he sure is cute!

And that's the extent of my decorations at this point. I'm hoping to add more, but the budget will determine that. We still need to decorate outside - which will only consist of lights. Maybe we can tackle that project this weekend.
Oh, and someone was angry that I was walking around the house, snapping pictures of everything BUT him, so here he is:
Mr. Ham

And yes, I realize that's a plastic pitcher. He loves playing with it. I don't argue.


♥Jacqueline♥ said...

Speaking of Borrowing Christmas. I should come over to your house and soak it up. The only things that are out for "Christmas" are the ornaments we got at the White Elephant at my Aunt's house this year.

Jenn said...

I know - I partially took all the pics for you so you could borrow some of my limited Christmas, lol!

mrskeller said...

you're obsessed.

Michelle said...

I like the idea of Cheap! I've bought quite a few things at the dollar store too! Each year I try and buy one new thing.. But it seems like each year I decorate less..

Lo said...

i LOVE your decorations!!!! and girl? the dollar store? TOTALLY my best friend this time of year. or. any time of year, for that matter. the dollar store is THE. BEST. for quirky little craft-looking accessories for the house. and also? my mom gave me her winter wonderland set- all the little houses, general store, little people, etc- and i LOVE IT. my husband thinks i'm nuts but i totally play with it sometimes. for reals. like, 'hello, i'm sweepin' and etc... uhm... yeah. but really? I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! and there is NO SUCH THING as too many lights!!!!!

your house looks so warm and inviting, i bet it smells like cocoa :)