Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family Reunion

This last weekend, we had a sort of family reunion. Some of my dad's family was in town, so we all got together. We actually gathered at the place where we had all the family reunions about 20 years ago.....and for some reason, we haven't had them since. But this one was a blast! I wish I had taken some pictures of Randy's (my dad's cousin) back yard. He has some amazing woodwork (including planters, chairs, houses and bridges for his 13 (yes, I said it) cats, and much, much more. It was amazing!
{my dad and his cousin, Randy}

This was right when we got home from our camping trip - my brother and his girlfriend got seriously sunburned, so they were pretty much confined to the shade.

Carter was seriously a water monster! He went from jumping into the water (even when we weren't ready for him), to having Eric DIVE him in. Made me a little nervous, but he came up laughing every time and screaming for more.

And he would literally stand up on these kick boards and be a surfer while Eric pulled him around. I didn't think he was brave enough to stand up, but this kid has NO fears whatsoever!


♥Jacqueline♥ said...

Looks like it was super fun! A pool and all!

wendie said...

Your brother and his girlfriend were pretty much confined to the shade and... THE EDGE BURN!


Creative Mish said...

I love the one of Eric throwing him in the water!