Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Recap

So here we are, at the end of another weekend. The last weekend before Thanksgiving. Where did the year go?! Here is my weekend update, picture style.

We started off the weekend with a new booster seat for Carter. His Grandma Michelle has one and he does well in it. So we got one (mostly for Thanksgiving) and have been using it non-stop since Friday night. He loves it. Daycare also uses it on the floor like in this picture. They tell him to "load up" basically, and he walks over and seats himself. It's so cute!
Then, Aunt Ashley came over and we got haircut numero dos. Which went over about as well as haircut numero uno. He LOATHES getting a haircut. Which, according to my mother, he must get straight from me because this was basically my same reaction!

So, my payment for the child's torture? I got tackled. Taken down. Hardcore. His knees are NOT kind!

We worked on our "I'm mad.....sorta" face.

We watched some local college football. With our cheesy grins, of course.

We played dress up with dada's hat.

And got shoulder rides around the house.
And broke out the rocking chair to watch a classic animated movie (Robin Hood).

We ate breakfast......which required each and every finger to handle one little Cheerio.

We laid down with Papa because he hurt his back. I swear, these two could have fallen asleep if we left the room for 32 seconds.

And the child found his new favorite toy.....the box that held the booster seat. He wanted to be carted around in that thing alllll day.

We cuddled with the dog.

And just when we thought the night was over, the child had to help unload the dishwasher......he has his own version of how this goes down.


Lo said...

SO. CUTE.!!!!!!!!! he is soooooo freakin' cute and hilarious. i love the way he 'puts away the dishes' lol!!!! awesome post.

♥Jacqueline♥ said...

That's TOO FUNNY! Jeffrey got his haircut yesterday too! I tell you lady, somedays, I think we're one in the same...

Sandee said...

Love the "I'm mad, sorta" face. He's getting more handsome every day!

Brandy said...

I love the box pictures and the pictures with the dog! I can't believe how big Carter is now!!