Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Little Moments

So this moment isn't as sweet as it looks.

Sure we are sitting there, seemingly reading.

But what you don't see in the picture still is him squirming, trying to get away, trying to rip the book from my hands, turn the pages, EAT the pages, push the book away, moan, groan, and gnash teeth.

I really should have started this tradition of reading earlier in his childhood, when he WOULD sit still.

Nonetheless, they are sweet pictures.


Lo said...

FIRST! okay but really? how can i not love your little one??? so cute. sigh. can i have one sans the mid-night screamins? thought not.

still? priceless. that's a little slice of heaven and goodness, you got there.

♥Jacqueline♥ said...

Don't feel bad. Ross and I read to Jeffy EVERYDAY when he was in the hospital and a lot when he got home. Yet, Jeffrey chews, slobbers, wiggles, or anything else that most babies do. I'd try giving him those card board books, so he can explore the books himself (without ruining them). I have about 6 or so that I put in with Jeffy's toys. He knows how to get his own toys out of his basket and always grabs a book. So, maybe Carter will do the same thing??

Cute pics nonetheless.

Jenn said...

Carter has several of those little card books (with the thick pages that don't tear). He does like playing with them on his own, but doesn't like when we sit down to read them. Oh well - we'll keep trying!

Marchelle said...

that sounds kinda like how a book readin' goes at my house too!