Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Recap

In case you totally missed it, yesterday was Thanksgiving. We were able to make it to both of our family's celebrations - which was great.

This is the look of two guys who know the entire day is about food!

Carter and his mama.
Here is Carter chatting with my cousin, Hannah, and my brother's girlfriend, Tracy.
Here is the grand table. My aunt Taunya hosted the dinner, and there were quite a few people there. Almost 25 I think!
Carter likes to mimic almost everything my mother does. She taught him to go "ahhhh!" after a nice, long, refreshing drink. Here they are messing around at the table.
My brother, Dana, and his girlfriend, Tracy.
Tracy had to help Dana out with his food coma.
My dad and uncle Fernando enjoying a good chat.
Me and my boys.......great moment.
My child is clearly not shy in helping himself to the food.

After my family's dinner, we ventured over to Eric's mom and stepdad's house for even MORE food!
Here is Eric and his sister, Ashley.
Of course, we had to do olive fingers with Carter. He loved it!
Carter reading a book with his aunt Janelle.
He loves these books that his Grandma Michelle has!

Eric, his mom, Michelle, and Carter. I love this picture!!

It was gymnastics time, apparently.

We finished out the night playing Scattergories. I love that game!

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mrskeller said...

so the picture of you and your boys... the guy to the left of you... i'm pretty sure i've been on a date with him. his name is matt, right? i might just know that from your previous posts, but i'm pretty sure i went on a double date with him in high school (he did not go to our school). weird.