Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Fair Time

Eric was back in town this weekend, so we have to cram everything into three nights, and two days. Last night was the fair. Even though Eric got in late, we still packed up Carter and took him down to see the lights and sounds.

They had some little carnie games for the kids, guaranteed prizes. So we let Carter play.
All he had to do was pick a duck....I think the odds were in his favor!

{I LOVE this shot}

And the lady let him pick out his prize.....a monkey, of course!

Then we let him go on some rides.....first was the twizzler, or something like that. I can't go on those rides.....just watching them makes me ill.

So Eric did the honors.

And I went on the more tame rides, like the ferris wheel. I REALLY wish I had taken the camera with me because we were stopped at the very top three times and the view was amazing. Oh well!
Then we went over to the petting zoo so Carter could practice naming his animals. The sheep were very friendly - they just wanted to be pet, that's all. Simple as that.

The goats wanted food. And if you didn't have food, they wanted to eat your shirt. Or hand.
Then we got some shaved ice and wandered a bit before calling it a night. It was super fun! But that's about all I can tolerate of the fair. Until next year!

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Creative Mish said...

Fun! I love that he chose the monkey!