Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another Visit to the Happy Land

After Eric returned home from his camping trip last weekend, I told him all about this fantastic place I had discovered. Naturally, he wanted to go see it. So Monday, I had stayed home, feeling quite under the weather. So this visit, I was mostly able to just sit on the sidelines and take pictures. I got in once to play, and also went down the huge slide once. That was enough for me. But the boys had a fantastic time!

He LOVES that slide!

Quite the climber!

Showing Daddy how he can climb it all by himself.

Playing in the little house! Carter was quite insistent that no one else be allowed in the house. There were several other little kids that tried to come in and Carter held that door shut. I wasn't pleased, and told him we had to share, but he had already scared the other kids off. Oh well - guess that's something we'll be working on!

Then it was on to the jump houses. I think these are his favorite.

He loved smashing these pillars into Eric!

All that playing sure makes a little guy thirsty!

Then it was my turn to dive in with the boy.

We sure had a great time together!

This area sits along one of the walls - it's a three story jungle-themed obstacle course, so to speak. Eric took Carter all over it, clear up to the top, and back down. Carter did great and was able to maneuver it all on his own.


P.S. This marks the last of my photos from the Canon Powershot. It has now retired and all pictures from this point forward will be with the Rebel. Hope to see some improvements and can't wait to read your thoughts!


♥Jacqueline♥ said...

That first pic on the top, looks like the one I took of you with Carter. That's so cute! Now you have matching pics! ;o)

Brandy said...

Um can I please take Carter there to play? Because if I tried to play there by myself then they would probably judge me....


So much fun!!