Friday, August 7, 2009

Cabin Fun: Day 2

Day 2 at the cabin was quite the eventful day. First thing in the morning, the deck was finished up. I didn't get any pictures of it.....I know, shameful. Needless to say, it looks great. While Eric and my dad and uncle were finishing that project, my brother and I decided to take Carter and the dogs for a walk. It was a beautiful morning, though quite smoky from the wildfire that was burning about 5-7 miles away. So we started on our hike, and there were some great nature I posted a couple days ago.

{I have no clue why this picture (specifically Carter's face) came out so fuzzy but I'm pissed about it. I took this shot to blow up and frame, but now I don't even want to do that}

After the usual morning activities, including a fantastic breakfast, the troops headed down to the swimming hole at the river. Once again, Carter had a great time.

He picked up where he left off the day before, throwing rocks for Jesse. She happily obliged.

Then, we started to hear the familiar noise of a helicopter. Our ears did not deceive us.......they had finally decided to fight that fire, instead of just letting it burn. And when they bring in the helicopters, that means they are dunking the massive baskets into the river right by our cabin and the swimming hole. We had front row seats!

So they were still pretty close to the cabin, and we were down enjoying the we resumed normal activities.......playing in the river, of course!!

{Dad and Dana, scoping out the best jumping spots}

{Eric's lay out....tuck into a dive}

{Dana's jump}

{Dad's jump}

I totally love this picture of my dad.

Then, the helicopters started dunking the buckets right around the corner from our swimming hole. So, of course, I ran my butt (literally, I sprinted) over to snap some pictures. It was sure fun to watch!!

What a job!!

We finally decided that these buckets were 6x6x6, which doesn't seem like a lot of water, but it is, trust me.

And when they were having difficulties dropping down into the river, they decided to head over to the fishing ponds and dunk into those. Poor fish!!

But they definitely brought in more firefighters to battle the blaze. It was really fun to watch them switch out the buckets and load up all their supplies.

What a fun trip! Now, time to save up for the next one: Oregon Coast, 4 weeks from today!!


Creative Mish said...

Great Photos! you got some awesome shots of the helicopter!

♥Jacqueline♥ said...

Wow! You don't get to see that everyday... Nice pics!