Thursday, August 20, 2009

Embarrassing Myself for the Greater Good

So for those of you who don't know (and how could you NOT?!?!), today was the big day. The day I have been waiting for, for......hell, I don't know how long. A LONG time, let me just say that. Today was the day my new camera and all the goodies it came with arrived at my house. The big box sat, lonely, on my doorstep for about one whole hour before I arrived home. (I'm surprised my stalker didn't take it!!) Soon enough, I arrived home with the child (yes, I cared enough to stop and pick him up first....though I almost considered leaving him for another hour. I kid, I kid. Maybe. Seriously though, I did consider it.) and we tore into that box.
And let me just say, upon opening that box, the child and I were in heaven. Little known (or maybe not) fact about me? I LOVE bubble wrap. It brings me joy. I have no clue why. And the child also loves anything that makes loud POPPING noises. He's a 2 year old. He has an excuse. I don't have one. Spare me.

And I may have been a little excited. (Please Note: I had pressure from many, many people to take pictures while I was opening my slice of heaven. So these are beyond super cheesy....for a reason.

Yes, he is still alive. It's ok. I let him do certain things while we were opening.

Like take out a plastic covered bag. But that was it. Then I told him to go play. This was mommy's playtime.

But he seemed so happy that I was SO happy! He wanted to be in the pictures, too. HAM. I have no idea where he gets it.

So, let's take a stroll down inventory lane, shall we?
First up, the memory card reader.

Next up, the lens cleaning kit.

Then, the additional rechargeable battery.

Then the memory card wallet, which I will never use. So I made the picture blurry. I'm discriminating already.

Yes, he's still here and alive. Playing with the packing, pretending their are arm floaties, I guess.

Then we have the 8GB memory card.

Then the screen guard. I'm not sure I will use this, actually. Thoughts, anyone?

Then we have the carrying case for the tripod. It's Slik, clearly.

Then we have this DVD guide.....not sure if I'll watch it since there are upcoming classes I'm interested in.

Then we have the actual tripod, which Carter is now showing us.

Then we had the 55-250mm telephoto zoom lens. Oh yes. It's nice. Canon brand, just how I wanted it.

And now we enter the land of CHEESEBALL, as my husband so eloquently put it.

First thing out was the camera strap....I love it. My current camera has one too and I can't imagine having a camera without one.

Savoring the big moment!

Ta da!

Showing off the goods.

So here we have it: Canon Rebel XS with the 18-55mm lens on it.

And here we have the 55-250mm telephoto zoom lens on.

Fully zoomed.

And now? I have several manuals to read because I have no clue how to work this thing!!!


wendie said...

I LOVE this post. I felt nothing but complete and total happiness for you while reading it. I'm so glad you finally got your baby. You deserve it.

I put a screen protector on my LCD screen when I got my camera. It had a bubble I couldn't get out and it really bothered me. The first time I put my camera in its bag the screen protector came off. I haven't bothered with another one.

♥Jacqueline♥ said...

YAY!!! Well, if you learn anything I haven't, I know who to go to ;o)

Anonymous said...

Woah that was a huge box! It must have been such fun digging out all the materials. lolz
Are you having fun yet and taking loads of pictures?