Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!!!

Well, Carter told me he wanted to be a monkey for Halloween. Actually, it comes from some of his toys that make monkey noises. Which Eric mimics perfectly. And Carter ends up in a fit of laughter. So that's basically how I (I mean Carter) decided on his costume this year.

Carter with Grandma Barb.

Eating some Halloween cookie with Grandma Barb and Grandpa Rick.

The monkey got grandpa down!!!

The monkey at Grandma Michelle's.....going straight for the remote, of course! I fear my child will have to go to RA (remotes anonymous) before the age of 2.

My little monkey.

Look who found the treat basket!!


Michelle said...

I just emailed you a link to more photos. He looks so cute!

Sandee said...

What a damn darling child you have!!!! There must be some relation to me, LOL! Will you email me a copy of the first picture where he has that adorable grin of his. I can't get it to save when I click on it. Thanks! Happy Halloween.

CrisKrinkle said...

The cutest monkey I have ever seen! What an adorable costume. Perfect!