Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blast From the Past

I decided to do a post about my brother, Dana, and me. Long, long ago. I was a single child. And I loved it. Almost 4 years later, my brother came into the world and life changed for me. No longer were the days revolving around me (ha ha). I will be the first to admit, I tormented my little brother. I was the typical older sibling - constantly picking on him from pretty much the time he was brought home from the hospital after birth. I enjoyed hiding him in places around the house from my mother - like the shower. And then pleading innocence when the man-hunt ensued.

We greatly disliked each other until later in life. Many fist fights were had. But we did have good times too. We even lived together for quite some time during college. Now, we have a great friendship and I really do look at my brother as more than a brother. He's one of my best friends.
This picture is obviously at a very young age. I couldn't find ages on the actual photograph, but I would peg Dana at 9 that would make me a little over 4 years.
Dana is 2 in this picture and I am 5.

I have no clue where this picture was taken......I want to say South Dakota. Dana looks 3 maybe, so that would make me 6.
I believe this is in Nebraska - we have family in Nebraska. I don't know how old we are. This might be the same vacation as the picture above, judging by the same bangs I am sporting.
This is from Disneyland (if you couldn't tell) 1993. Hold on while I do some math......I would have been 12 and Dana would have been like 8 or 9. This picture is from a set that Dana and I had taken for my parents for Christmas one year. I would have been 21 and Dana would have been 17.
This was taken when we lived together. I was 23 and Dana was 19. Uh, the beer cans were mine. Even though I don't drink beer. ;-)
This was taken at my 26th birthday party last year - the first time I got out and consumed alcohol after Carter was born. It was a great night.
This was taken at the rehearsal dinner for my wedding.
I don't think the last two pictures need any captions.

I really wanted to find the picture of my brother wearing my swim suit as a child, but that would require going to my parents' house and going through boxes of pictures. Which I don't mind doing. But I really wanted to get this post up.

Stay tuned for the next blast from the past!


mrskeller said...

i think you should dig up pictures from our joint birthday party all those years ago and post about that!

Michelle said...

Great Photo's.. I love seeing the blast from the past