Sunday, October 26, 2008


My brother's girlfriend (of almost one year, we found out last night), Tracy, is a performer. We have a local musical/theater production place here in Boise and they run appx 5 shows per season. We went to one show, Tintypes, last season, and Ragtime this season. Ragtime was amazing! And they had a huge cast compared to the last show we saw. I think there were almost 30 people in this cast. I really wish I could have taken pictures during the show, but it's not allowed. Boo! Anyway, the entire show is a musical and Tracy had a really fun part.
Here she is pre-show with my brother. He was so proud of her!!
Goofing around, letting my dad wear the infamous feather headband. My mom and my aunt.
Eric and me.
My aunt and uncle.
My parents.
My brother and Tracy after the show.
So cute!!

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