Thursday, October 9, 2008


At my office (the building, to be exact), it's common to see people bringing their dogs to work. The building sits right on the Greenbelt, which is a paved walking/jogging/biking, etc. path that extends for many miles throughout the city. This makes it ideal for pet owners when it comes time to take the animals on their potty breaks, maybe let them stretch their legs and run a bit on the lunch hour, etc.
Recently, the property management company sent around a flyer advising that pets are not allowed in the building. I was sad to see this memo because the company next to us on the second floor is a physical therapy place and one of the PT's used to bring his very calm golden retriever, who would "help" with patients. It was the nicest dog and it was so fun to walk up the stairs at work and be greeted by this four-legged companion!
And someone else in the building brings his two dogs - both beautiful German shepards. However, now that pets aren't allowed IN the building, the two German shepards are confined to the man's truck - whether inside the cab, or lounging in the bed of the truck. Normally, this wouldn't bother me. But dang they must get bored! And I'm sure he goes out several times per day to let them out. But what about on days like today when it's 30-something degrees in the morning? Or later in the summer when it was like high 80's? I feel bad for these dogs. But then again, maybe they like sitting out in the fresh air as opposed to being couped up at home.

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