Friday, October 10, 2008

Random Fact #40

There are really two random facts in this post....but they are somewhat related. And I'm probably going to get really made fun of for these, but oh well.

First - I have this irrational fear of big construction machinery. I really have no explanation for it, other than the big bucket reminds me of a big T-Rex head. And, if you will see below, is the other irrational fear.

I am also scared to death of T-Rex.

Seriously. Like pee my pants while watching the movie scared. Ok, so I have never really peed my pants while watching movies such as Jurassic Park. But my palms get all sweaty, I have to get my feet up off the floor, etc. The usual. But this goes back to childhood.....I was even scared of the T-Rex in the movie Land Before Time. I'm not joking!!

1 comment:

mrskeller said...

sweaty palms over jurassic park?! geez, what happened when you watched the exorcist?

that is the only movie that can keep me up all night because i'm too scared to fall asleep.