Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Visitor

My parents have been telling us for months and months now about two hawks that have taken up residency in their neighborhood.  The squirrel population has diminished as a consequence.  When we were over there for a father's day bbq, I had my camera with me - though not the big lens....which would have made these shots much better.  Both the male and the female were flying high that day, circling for their next meal.  Their two favorite spots seem to be two of the light poles - one behind my parents' house, and one right out front.  They never landed on the one out front - they stayed with the one that was a little further away.

It's amazing to watch these big birds because all of the smaller birds in the neighborhood are clearly protesting their presence.  The small birds will literally fly right along with the hawks, and peck at them, trying to drive them out of the area.  But apparently the eating is just too good for the hawks, because they haven't left yet!

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