Saturday, July 30, 2011

Batter Up!

So we've been working pretty hard with Carter on baseball recently.  We go out to the backyard to hit and play catch several times per week.  Last night, I decided we were going to head over to one of the schools nearby so we could put out all the bases and Carter could go through the motions of hitting the ball and then running the bases.  We had a great time (though Eric roasted in the heat).  Here are some pictures of our fun night:

Mr. Attitude

 We have decided to skip the idea of t-ball for Carter.  There really is no point in teaching a kid to hit off of a stationary stand.  So he's just going to go straight to little league - which he can start at 5 for West Boise Little League.
 Running the bases
 So far, I'm thoroughly pleased with his form.  When he focuses on what we're doing, he will nail the ball every time.

 After we were done, we let him run around like a crazy kid, kicking up all the dirt his little heart desired.
 And let's not forget Ms. Kendall.  I hope this is the first of many dugout pictures of her I will get.

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