Wednesday, July 6, 2011

For My Brother

I found this tonight, while searching for something to properly say what I want to say. I posted this on his facebook page, but I realize that not everyone who reads this has access to facebook, so I wanted to share it here as well.

I Love You, Brother.
You’re a part of me, and I can’t let go. 
I want you to know that my heart will always beat for you. 
Your pain is my own, and I wish you find happiness and peace of mind – for my peace of mind too. Because my heart hurts that yours is broken.
I watch you twist and turn and I feel knotted up inside.
I see you blink back tears, and my own eyes sting. I
 smile when you smile, brother.
So smile.

Because I do care and I love you.


♥Jacqueline said...

That's a nice poem! And the picture of you two is so cute! :) I'm sure he appreciated your sentiment ;)

Creative Mish said...

That is a nice sentiment. We always love even when bad choices are made