Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Holiday Recap

What a busy weekend!!  We were going non-stop the entire holiday weekend, and what a great time we had!  We decided to have our annual 4th of July BBQ on Sunday - we had lots of friends and family over.  Everyone brought great food and we had a bunch of laughs.  Carter got to play with his buddy, Daysen the entire time, and Kendall was Ms. Smiley and Ms. Snoozer.  Here are some pictures from our BBQ. 

 Carter and Daysen
 Grammy Michelle and Kendall

Great-Grandma Dort and Kendall 
 After the BBQ, we broke out the fireworks. Carter and Daysen had such a fun time - it's so fun to watch the excitement in their faces as they watch the bigger fireworks, and do some of the smaller ones on their own.

 On the 4th, we decided to head to Eagle Island - we did this a couple years ago after the 4th, and had a great time.  It was definitely packed with people also enjoying the gorgeous weather.  The water was so refreshing!  Carter made lots of friends who wanted to take rides on the floating alligator.  It's always a big hit!
 And we built big sand castles...
 And got in water fights....

Even a great battle with another kid!  It was highly entertaining!

Last night, we didn't really plan on going anywhere to watch any of the big displays around town, but some of our friends were planning on watching the display put on at Meridian Speedway.  So we packed up the kids and met our friends there.  It was a fantastic show!  I didn't pack my tripod with me, so I made due with a makeshift one and did the best I could.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend......though I'm glad I have today off to wind down a little bit!  ;)


♥Jacqueline said...

Your hair has gotten so long! Looks so pretty! Your pics turned out pretty good without having a tripod :)

Creative Mish said...

It was a fun weekend