Friday, July 15, 2011

Learning to Share

The guest bathroom in our house is actually Carter's bathroom.  It's decorated with jungle animals, primarily monkeys.  After Kendall was born, I told Carter that some day, he would have to share his bathroom with her.  Well, the day has arrived.  When I was bathing Kendall last night, I noticed she was just a tad cramped in the kitchen sink.  So I tossed the foam sponge insert for the sink, and got out the inclined bath positioner that we used for Carter.  Sure, it's blue; however, it serves the same purpose for Kendall and there's no point in buying something brand new when the one we have is perfectly fine. 

So I told Carter tonight that Kendall was going to join him in the tub - even though he rarely takes baths anymore. He prefers showers, all the way.  But he now has a renewed interest in the bath now that he has a companion to play with!

Here are some pictures I snapped this evening.


Creative Mish said...

Fun times ahead. Kendall has such a cute smile

♥Jacqueline said...

Blue is a great color for a girl! ;) How cute! The "wicked" and "embarrassing" bathtubs pics we all dread to be shown to our prom dates and you happen to not only have one, but both! Priceless!! ;)

Brandy said...