Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Project 2011: Through His Eyes, Part 28

Here are Carter's pictures!

This fuzzy fella is Carter's most prized possession right now.  Every time we shop for groceries, we do two things - guaranteed - every time.  One, we pick out a Hot Wheels car IF Carter behaves.  Two, we stop at the claw machine on the way out to see if we can win a prize.  In allllll the times we have shopped there, this is the first time we've actually managed to get a prize.  Carter was so excited!!

 Since we fired our daycare, my cousin, Sydney, has been babysitting for us - I'm sure we'll be seeing lots more pictures of her the rest of summer.
 We had our friends Rob and Nicole over for dinner the other night - Rob and Carter messed around with the camera quite a bit.

 And we also got to go feed the geese/ducks.  This particular one actually got a boot from Eric because it kept biting Carter. 

 Kendall loved the nice breeze that evening.
 And then we had some ice cream when we got home!  Fresh-picked raspberries on top?  Yes please!

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♥Jacqueline said...

Uh oh! You fired your daycare?? What happened? Was it anything bad??? This scares me now cause I was looking into daycare and everyone I've spoken to has had horrible experiences. :( Sorry for being too nosey, just curious....