Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kendall at 3 Months

I thought I would do a little update on Kendall since she's now officially 3 months old.  I already did her 3 month pictures, so this is more of an update on how she's progressing.

There's no doubt the girl is getting bigger.....she loves her bottles, that's for sure!  I can't give you a current stat as to weight because we don't have a scale in our house.  But she's growing like a weed, that much I can see. 

Her latest development is reaching and grabbing for toys.  And of course, everything that makes it to her hands, goes straight for her mouth. Gotta love babies!!

We have also started her collection of books.  We did this with Carter and I plan to do the same with her.  It's extremely important to start "reading" early to promote brain stimulation.  The first book I bought her was about colors.  It's so fun to watch her face change as we turn the page to different colors.  Red seems to excite her the most right now.

I talked Carter into giving Kendall all of his baby books, and he loves to sit and read them to her.  Here, he's showing her the green page in the colors book.
And she carries the same fascination her brother had at this same age:
The minute that ceiling fan is turned on, she's totally captivated.
And we're also working on her neck muscles to hold up that big bobble-head.  ;)  (forgive the blurry picture....she was bobbing all over the place and I was laughing too hard)

Overall, I'm incredibly pleased with her progress thus far.  She's such a good baby....wakes up with a smile on her face every day, and we've all finally fallen into a fantastic schedule that seems to work for everyone.

We did, however, hit a snag with our daycare provider.  They literally were not listening to our requests (which later turned into demands) for Kendall's eating and sleeping schedule.  She was not being fed enough and not getting nearly enough sleep.  And after having this same battle with them when Carter was a baby, I decided enough was enough.  I'm not going to battle with someone over the basic care of my own baby.  Especially when they basically laugh in our faces when we try to discuss the issues.  So they are no longer receiving my money.  My cousin is watching the kids 2 days a week for the rest of summer, and then they will start at their brand new learning center.  Carter will be in the preschool side and Kendall will be in the baby-care side.  I'm very excited for this place and I hope it's everything we are wanting for our kids.

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