Monday, September 12, 2016

Project Complete: Master Bathroom!

This project was fun most of the time and challenging other times. I swear, the former owners had NO clue what they were doing with 99% of the stuff they did in this house. There were definitely some "WTF" moments. Ok, a lot of them. ;)  But I do have to say, being knee deep in this project with Matt and my parents was a lot of fun.
One of the funny moments was my "girl" hammer. Yes, I got this stupid thing at Walmart. It's a 6-in-1 tool, but it's versatile, damn it! ;) My old one broke, of course, so I ordered a new one and it arrived towards the end of this project. My dad actually used it a couple of times, against his better judgment, and it DID get the job done THANKYOUVERYMUCH. And we have picture proof that he touched the "worthless" P.O.S. ;)
Love you dad!!!
So here is the final product. When I moved in, there was dark sage green paint covering this entire room. Thankfully, the attached walk-in closet was a normal cream color, so we focused entirely on the bathroom itself. We lightened it up with new LED lights and lighter paint selections. I knew I wanted an accent wall, and I have lots of this teal/aqua color throughout my entire house, so it made sense to utilize this color on a smaller accent wall so it wasn't overwhelming. I found a print that was such a perfect fit, though I wouldn't normally put a print this size in a bathroom. I think it really capped off the room. We kept some of the light fixtures, for the time being, and updated the other fixtures so they all matched. For now, the tile in and around the shower, and on the floor, will stay, though that is another project that is on the list. Overall, I am thrilled with the outcome, and can't thank my parents enough for their help.
 We will be finishing up the master bedroom makeover this weekend. The paint is done, but we have the plank wall to complete. I'm most anxious to see how that turns out.

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