Monday, September 26, 2016

Boiling Springs Camping

As we do every year, it was time to head up to Boiling Springs for some chilly fall camping. Except for one middle-of-the-night rainfall, the weather was GORGEOUS. The fall colors are really coming out up in the mountains, and we definitely took in every chance to appreciate them.
I took Matt back in to show him the old forest service cabin where I spent much of my childhood. While there have been a few changes to the cabin and the property, it still smelled exactly the same when we walked in. Funny how those certain smells take you right back to youth.
Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day, so we all went on a light hike around the loop that circles the cabin.
We had to stop to let the dogs play in the river for a bit.....always entertaining, especially with Jesse the rock diving dog!
Matt and I also took the 4-wheeler up to the top of the world to take in some views. It sure was nice to not be surrounded in the Pioneer Fire smoke this time!
Since we don't have TV up there, we always enjoy the BSU games via radio and lots of snacks. There really isn't a better place on earth to take in a BSU game!
For the life of me, I can't remember this game that Brian and Ilyse brought, but it sure is fun!
And they also cooked us an amazing dinner.
I ventured out into the middle of the river for this shot - fall in Idaho sure is gorgeous!

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