Monday, September 19, 2016

My Plank Wall

I picked out this project pretty much the minute I bought my house. I didn't know where it would go in the house, but I just knew it needed to be done. And we finally got it done this weekend.
When we painted the master bedroom, we purposely left off one wall, knowing this was going to be THE wall.  Random painting on the wall courtesy of my dad. ;)
Last week, I went and picked out the paint colors (milk paint is NOT the cheapest option, just FYI, but definitely gave this the exact look I wanted), and then Friday evening, we all met up to get the lumber needed for the job. We started in with cutting down the strips, and then I spent the remainder of Friday evening/Saturday morning doing the painting.
Each strip had several layers of paint/stain, and I was thrilled with how they turned out.  There were seven color combinations total. 
Sunday morning was the beginning of installation and I think it ended up taking roughly six hours, with some breaks here and there.
My little helpers arrived mid-project, and this is the ONLY time this is allowed to happen. ;)
Making progress!  We had a really good system set up as far as two people down on the saw, and two upstairs doing the install and picking out colors and measurements for the next row. It was quite the strategy session at times! I think our relay system resulted in almost 40 calls back and forth from upstairs to the garage.
The finished wall! I need to get some better pictures with the big camera, to show more of the detail, but OMG are we absolutely in love with this wall. We put the bed back last night and that wall really makes the room. I have one more project to complete before the room is done, and that's a custom headboard. The 1950's five-panel door is already sitting in my garage, waiting for sanding/painting. I can't wait to see this room 100% finished!
The building team - photo cred: Carter

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