Thursday, September 15, 2016


Carter Ryan Davis, slow it on down, buddy.
It's crazy to think how quickly nine years has flown by. I remember all of his little moments like they were yesterday.
I have never met a more athletic kid. Sports are on his mind 24/7. He runs a mile a minute, all day long. Nothing gets him down, EVER.
And the kid is beyond smart. I'm just waiting to see what advanced program he will be in this year. Math is definitely where he excels - he blows through his homework and is back outside playing before I even have a chance to check it! His nose is always in a book - and not chapter books. He prefers encyclopedias (I'm not kidding) and such. Constantly learning!
He has an unrivaled zest for life and such an active spirit. I'm sure proud of this kid!
Happy Birthday, Carter!!! I love you, bud.

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