Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New Gig!

So an amazing opportunity was dropped into my lap recently and I have to take a minute to brag a little bit about it.  A family friend, and former BSU football player, currently works at Boise State in the marketing/promotions department. He was in two weddings I shot this year, so there is the established photography connection. He knows our family supports BSU big time, so he contacted me and told me they were needing an official photographer for their promotional work before/during the BSU home football games and this seemed like something I'd be interested in.
Ya think?!
So we hashed out a few details, and here I am, committed to shooting their promotional photography ON THE FIELD, every home game. Can you say EXCITED?!!!! I sure can! This girl will have a press pass, and other fun goodies, and I don't think I have ever been so excited for "work" in my life!
We attended the game this last Saturday via some season tickets (for this game only) I won through the Backpack Buddy program through the Idaho Foodbank. It pays off to do good things! So we scoped out all of the promotional activity going on, and I totally psyched myself out because I'm pretty sure I will have to be on the field (literally) for some of these things. Yikes! But the sidelines are dang near empty, aside from press, during the games, so I have no doubt it will be easy to secure the shots they are wanting, and of course having a blast in the meantime. I'm sure glad my new assistant will be with me - should be good times!


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