Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Carter's Birthday Party

Carter's birthday party this year was incredibly low key due to him not passing out his invitations, and parents not RSVP'ing. What's with that, anyway? So he literally only had two kids make it to his party. It still ended up being a lot of fun with all of the games he wanted to play!
We had the orange roll race, where they couldn't use their hands or feet.
We had the fill-the-bucket challenge.
We also had a water balloon toss, that ended in a full-blown water balloon fight. Naturally. ;)
We had a balloon stomp game that included silly string. My yard was a mess after this one!!
And Carter's favorite - a piƱata!
Instead of doing the traditional cake and ice cream, Carter wanted to do an ice cream sundae bar instead. It was really fun picking out all of the toppings and then watching the kids make their own bowls. Of course, they were light on the ice cream and heavy on the toppings. ;)

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