Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Can I Have My Weekend Back?

OMG what an insanely busy weekend!  On top of the two weddings I shot, we started the master bedroom/bathroom makeover. I got very little sleep, spent far too much time on my feet, and now feel like I need a couple more days added on to my weekend to play catch-up for everything else I needed to get done!  ;)
One of my weddings was out at the Bishop's House. It was a quiet ceremony, with one mix-up that had everyone laughing, and Matt joined me to be my assistant. It was a lovely evening for a wedding. My other wedding was downtown Boise, and we skirted around some weather and had a great day! Matt also helped with that wedding and it's so fun to have him along!
In between all of that work, we had my parents over to help with the master bedroom and bathroom. In addition to updating, we are still finding a ridiculous amount of things the former owners attempted to "fix" and/or "upgrade". Either scenario, no matter how you look at it, has amounted to a lot of work on our part to truly FIX/REMEDY. We seriously can't figure out what those people were trying to accomplish, but good lord they left a mess. It's all an adventure! We got the master bedroom completely painted, and now the fun project (my shiplap/plank wall) will commence. I think it's really going to finish out the room, and I'm hoping it will end up looking just like I envision (per Pinterest, of course).
We also started in on painting the master bathroom. The kids were allowed to help with this one, at the very beginning. My accent wall came out so great (final pics still to come), and getting rid of the ugly sage green that was in there before really lightened up the entire room. I am thrilled with the changes so far!
We also started in-depth planning for the next big foreign travel adventure. Exciting times!

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