Sunday, August 7, 2016

Seattle With Carter - Day 2

We woke up early the second day to hit the pavement yet again. There was a tiny bit of rain, which actually worked in our favor at our first stop:  Woodland Park Zoo
I have to say, this zoo is AMAZING. It's huge, the animals have AMPLE room to move around.
Yeah, NO.  And see the live one behind the frame? Freely crawling around. See ya.
 After almost three hours (!!) at the zoo, I told Carter we really needed to head out, catch the bus, and get to our next stops:  Pacific Science Center and the Space Needle.
Carter had a blast at the Pac Science Center. There were so many exhibits that sparked his interest. We could have spent an entire day there.
After Pac Science Center, we went next door to the Space Needle and waited our turn to head to the very top.
Elliott Bay from the top. 
 Downtown Seattle from the top.
After the Space Needle, we went back to the hotel for a power nap. Once the alarm went off, we were right back to exploring. We meandered through Pike Market again before heading down to game #2.
We ended up taking a bike-pulled trailer, which was a lot of fun.
I paid some serious money to get us super close for game #2. We got there early enough to watch batting practice, and Big Papi put on quite the show!
Since it was fleet night, there was a jet fly-over following the National Anthem. So cool!
These two pictures are truly the only pictures I need from this trip. Carter's enthusiasm for the game of baseball was so tangible the second game.....we had a blast!
After the game, we walked around CenturyLink because Carter is obsessed with the Seahawks. Of course, he wanted pictures with his two man crushes, Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman.  ;)
I am SO GLAD I had the opportunity to take Carter on this adventure. I hope it's something he remembers his entire life. I know I sure had a great couple of days with my little man.

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