Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Oregon Coast - Day 5

The last day of our trip was so much fun. We wanted to keep it fairly low-key, and that's just what we accomplished. Since we didn't see any whales while we were on the deep sea boat, I decided to take everyone to Depoe Bay, where the odds were definitely in our favor.  Typically you have to be very patient while standing there, watching for signs of whales, but the minute we rolled into town, we were spotting them left and right. Score! The kids were highly entertained trying to spot the water from the blow-holes, as well as the whale tails. We were very fortunate to see so many!
Making wishes in the fountain (no heads cracked open at THIS fountain).

We took breaks here and there to hit more shops and stop for some amazing Tillamook ice cream.

After the kids were "bored" with whale watching, I decided to show everyone Gleneden Beach. It's one of my favorites, visited many years ago, and it was just as I remember it. We spent hours there, playing in the water and sand, carving in the rocks, finding a ton of sea shells, scoping out the jellies that had washed up on shore, and even finding a couple heard-shaped rocks. It was such a great day!


The kids' clothes were totally destroyed from the water and red rock/sand carving, so we did a quick change at the house before returning to Depoe Bay for one last dinner. People were lined up at the whale viewing point, so we stopped again to watch some more.

Not entirely sure what fin THAT is, but the kids were definitely thinking shark.

 The drive home seemed to pass quicker than the drive there....not sure how that happened! This vacation was just what this family needed. I'm so glad I got to show my kids the ocean - their first reactions were priceless and I hope it's something they remember for life because it sure made their mama happy!

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