Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Oregon Coast - Day 4

Day four was pretty darn awesome. I had done some research on hiking trails around the Lincoln City/Newport area, and decided that the Drift Creek Falls Trailhead was the best one. It did NOT disappoint! It was incredibly well maintained (not a requirement, but definitely a plus!), not flooded with a ton of people, and was very kid-friendly. We had a fantastic time on this 3-hour (roundtrip, and probably quicker if you have older kids, or no kids at all) hike.

The really fun thing about this hike, and obviously what drew me to it, was the huge suspension bridge at the end that overlooked the falls. Definitely worth the hike!
The trail then continues on down to where you can stand at the creek's edge and look up at the falls. Very cool!
After the hike, everyone was starving so we headed back to the beach house for a big lunch. With our bodies refueled, we headed to the next logical place - the beach!
Even though it was sunny and warm up on the mountain for the hike, it was chilly and windy as hell down on the beach. We had picked up a kite a couple days prior, and attempted to fly it at the beach. Not the best of luck with all that wind.

Once we decided enough was enough with the wind, we bundled up and headed to Nye Beach for a fantastic dinner at the highly-recommended Chowder Bowl. By far the best chowder we had the entire trip - I managed to get all three kids hooked!

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