Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spoiled Rotten

Jackson sure has adjusted well to our household. The kids are constantly playing with him - they all love each other. His interactions with the two cats are a little less loving....but they will be friends before they know it. He has had two play dates with other dogs in our family - both went really well. My parents are heading out for a travel adventure soon, so their dog, Jesse, will come stay with us. A temporary, live-in playmate for Jackson. I'm sure they will have fun.
Kendall lovin' on Jackson.
Friday nights are typically movie nights with the kids and me. Jackson is now part of this tradition. He played in their fort last night.
Eric trimming Jackson's nails. Just like his puppy teeth, those nails are razor sharp!
Despite the first few nights of whining right after we brought him home, he has done extremely well. The kennel training (something we have never done before) is also coming along nicely. He sure is a perfect fit for our family!

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