Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Day Trippin'

Sunday, we decided to head out into the mountain air for the day. We wanted to let Jackson explore the outdoors and get his feet into some water. We didn't want to go far, so we just went above Arrowrock and back on some of those dirt roads. There were a ton of people up there fishing! This warm "winter" is certainly different!
Jackson went right to the water and had a drink, but had no interest in getting in. I don't blame him - it wasn't exactly warm water! Despite that, Eric picked Jackson up and tossed him out into the water. The dog instincts kicked in and he swam back to shore like a champ. Unfortunately, there was a slight breeze and the poor puppy was shaking for about 30 minutes afterwards. Poor guy!
We brought along a blanket, which he was laying on in the truck, so we wrapped him up in that and let him warm up in the sun.
The kids and I sat around throwing and skipping rocks while Eric took Jackson on a little walk to explore.
After we had our fill of the water, we hit the back roads and explored. We found a great little campsite that someone must have used rather recently as the firewood was freshly cut. We unloaded and had lunch. Jackson even found himself a recently killed bird and had his own lunch. The lab in him is coming out, for sure!
After lunch, we set up the targets and did some shooting. Carter and his little BB gun....cracks me up that he's using two fingers to pull the trigger. He needs some muscles!
Kendall managed to find a bone and was quite proud of herself....but mad that we didn't let her bring it home to keep in her room. Sorry, girlie.
Of course Eric and I had a friendly competition (is there such a thing?) with our targets. He had a slight handicap due to that cast. ;)
That cross-hair hit of mine is the reason Eric sleeps with one eye open. Ha! ;)
I believe this weekend is supposed to be about 20 degrees warmer, so we'll see what adventures we find next!

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