Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Cabin Adventure / Part 1

Part of my extended, post-trial time off included a long weekend at the cabin. It was just what we needed after spending a taxing week moving. With Eric having a broken wrist due to snowboarding, this really put a lot of the moving burden onto me - packing, lifting, and unpacking. I was really frustrated that a big chunk of my time off was spent moving, but hey, it is what it is. Saturday morning, we got up, loaded the truck (which did amazing on the drive - Eric has earned every right to brag about that fancy new truck), and hit the road.
Once we got to the cabin, we unloaded everything, climbed back into the truck, and headed to Stanley. The avalanche gates were open, so we had a clear shot straight through. The main purpose was to grab some pictures of the snowy Sawtooths, and see if any of the hot springs were open.
These deer were right in the driveway at the cabin. The neighbor who shares the lot feeds them, so they really aren't shy at all. I walked within about 10 feet of them, and they just stood there. So cool!
The backside of the Sawtooths, from a lookout near Grand Jean.
As we got close to Stanley, I pulled the truck over to grab some sunset pictures from the side of the road. I barely got these in time!
The skies were so clear - such a difference from the muck we have had in Boise for a month now.
We drove around Stanley for a little bit so Eric could point out the various cabins he built back in his construction days. Nice places! I sure wouldn't turn any down if offered. ;)
Once we finished poking around, we headed to Lower Stanley to check out some hot springs. I grabbed another sunset shot.
Unfortunately, the two hot springs we knew about were both taken, so we had to put off that adventure for later in the trip. So we headed back to the cabin.
Carter is really into chess right now, so he pulled out the board the minute we were done with dinner so he and Eric could battle it out.
Kendall and I had the same idea. We snuggled by the fire and watched the boys play chess.
After the sugar from the cookies kicked in, things got a little goofy.
Making all those silly faces sure tuckers a kid out!
Stay tuned for more!

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