Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Cabin Adventure / Part 2

Sunday was a very busy day - we had lots to pack in! First up was sledding. The snow was not exactly ideal for sledding - clearly there was plenty of snow, but it had rained and then gotten warm enough to melt down into a solid sheet of ice. Where there wasn't ice, the snow was hard and packed down. Not the best for sledding, but we made it work.
We found a great hill nearby that already had an established sledding "route". Carter wasted no time whatsoever, and was first up the hill. He zoomed down countless times - the energy in that kid!
Just like last year, Kendall still wasn't too interested in sledding. I'm sure this had to do with the hard impact of the snow, versus the soft fluffy landings we prefer. She took one ride down with Eric and called it quits. She puttered around at the bottom of the hill, watching everyone else take turns.
"Hiding" from the camera.
Eric snagged this shot and I have to say, well done! I hate being in front of the camera - maybe this will change once the braces come off in a couple of months.
Once we were back at the cabin, we decided, yet again, to put off the hot springs soak. It had started to snow and quickly dumped about four inches on us. The timing was just about right because it was time for the Superbowl and I had snacks to make! After the snacks were done, but before the game started, I messed around with some of my favorite settings on my camera to create different effects with the snow.
A little bit into the game, the neighbor came over to tell us the deer were at his place, and asked if Carter wanted to feed them. Uh, duh. ;-)  I'm not sure who is more "trained" here because Dale would shake the bag of food and the deer would come hopping down the mountainside across the road, and into his yard. Never a moment of hesitation. The first two to come were the mama and her yearling.
There were about six more on the mountainside who were a little more shy. Didn't take them long to come enjoy the deer food and apples.
(Carter feeding the deer - video)
During halftime, we cooked up some steak for dinner. As the charcoal was on fire, I played more with some fun settings on the camera to get these shots.
After the game was over, Carter made Eric hold true to his promise of a 4-wheeler ride. This kid and the never ends. ;-)
Kendall has her own version of chess, which doesn't appear to follow any formal rules whatsoever! But it's entertaining to watch her, and she gets quite bossy if you don't play right.
Little turkey.
Stay tuned for the last day of our snowy adventure!

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