Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Cabin Adventure / Part 3

Monday morning, we decided it was finally time to hit the hot springs. Considering it was a Monday, we figured nearly every hot springs would be empty. We decided to hit Kirkham since it was the closest and easiest hike for the kids.
When we pulled up, we were the only vehicle there, so we were excited to have the place to ourselves.
To me, it was perfect conditions for hot springs: cold, foggy, and we even got a little bit of snow as we sat in the hot water.
It was quite the challenge for Eric to keep his cast out of the water, especially while sitting with Kendall. He managed to get the cast quite wet. Good thing he gets a new one this week!
Carter hiked around to a couple of the various pools - some too hot, some not hot enough. Ultimately, I made him stay in the same pool as us because that river running right below us made me too nervous.
The colors of the river this time of year are my absolute favorite. It's almost like tropical water running through the mountains.
After lunch, we packed it all back up and headed home. With the new snow, we took the drive slower than normal due to the road conditions (we saw a roll-over accident on HWY 17 on the drive up) and the high population of deer and elk on and near the road.
Someone slept the whole drive - just like her grandma. Except her grandma would slap a tooth out of my mouth if I took this picture of her. ;-)
All in all, it was a great trip and lots of R&R was just what the doctor ordered!

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