Friday, August 1, 2014

The Wedding Rehearsal

The entire wedding party, and then some, met up at the venue to go through the rehearsal process. Dana's black eye looks quite nasty, and the jokes about the upcoming wedding photos are quite funny.
Both of my kids are in the wedding, which makes me quite nervous. I can't even count how many weddings I have shot and kids are such an unknown variable. No matter what, they will be cute. I'm anxious to see how they do.
I'm not sure when Kendall suddenly didn't look like my little baby anymore.
We ended up doing two walk-throughs. I can't wait for tomorrow - it's been a lot of hard work for a lot of people. It's time for the day to get here so we can see it all put together.
My dad was standing in for my cousin, Matt, who was stuck in traffic.
Veronica's brother, Chris, is performing the ceremony. I asked him if after he announces them husband and wife and told them to kiss, he could move to the side so I could get a shot of the first kiss without him standing in the background. It was quite funny when he said "why, would it be awkward if I got down and analyzed their kissing, like this?" Yup. Pretty much, it would be awkward.  I do try to request this of all of the officiants at the weddings I shoot. It's just a pain when you have this gorgeous first kiss and then this third person standing there.
So, here's to the big day!

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