Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer is Drawing to a Close

School starts today. Um, 'scuse me, but where did summer go? I know I kicked it off early this year with a tropical vacation, but the remainder of the summer pretty much went by in a blur. I took the kids to the cabin with my family this weekend, but summer wasn't there. Instead, it felt like October. It rained quite a bit, and the mornings brought temps in the very low 40s. Brrrrrr. I'm sure glad I packed swim suits, towels, and life jackets for the kids for the river! There was no swimming in the river. Period. However, I did spend several hours down there with my dad, lounging and reading good books. And even though it drizzled a little bit, we pulled our chairs back under the shelter of some trees and just enjoyed the sounds of nature. And Carter talking. A lot.
Do you think that river water was cold for him?  ;)
Rock skipping lessons from Papa.
The child was born to roam barefooted in the mountains.
This is the pose I'm getting more and more often when I ask him for a picture.
The rain really made for a low-key cabin weekend, which was honestly quite fine by me. We watched a ton of baseball - either MLB or the Little League World Series.
And of course, any time we are at the cabin, we eat quite well.
Miss Ham
Brian and Kendall watching the landscaping adventure out front. The neighbor across the lot is doing a ton of additions/renovations to his property, and my parents, aunt, and uncle are in the process of painting the entire exterior of the cabin and garage. There's a lot going on at the cabin right now.
One of Taunya's favorite things is to pull out the stubborn bushes with trucks or 4 wheelers. Carter got to ride along for this one.
My family still has another week at the cabin - jealous! I've got a week to get packed before I head off on another adventure.  By the way, congrats to Rod and Taunya on their retirement! I know many grand adventures are on the horizon for you both. :)


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Great time! Thanks Jenn.

Anonymous said...

Great Time! Great Fun! Thanks Jenn.

Anonymous said...

Great Time! Great Fun! Thanks Jenn!

CreativeMish said...

Looks like a fun weekend!