Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Fair!

I wasn't entirely sure we were going to make it to the fair this year! I bought advance tickets, but Monday evening was spent in the emergency room with Kendall for what we thought might be a broken foot. Turns out it is just a bad sprain, and she just needs to take it easy for a few days. I knew that she would rather sit in her stroller anyway as she's still unsure about a lot of the rides, so staying off the foot for the fair worked out okay.
I knew that Carter would want to ride tons of rides, so I grabbed wristbands for him and Eric to just have at it. Unfortunately, Carter is about an inch short for quite a few of the rides he wanted to go on - and the carnies were definitely sticking to the height rules this year. Jerks - it's not like we're trying to sneak a one year old onto these rides.
The reason Eric got the wristband, as opposed to me, is because of these spinning rides. My stomach just can't do them.
And since I got to do this fun water ride last year, this year was Eric's turn. It's one of my favorites, though Carter said it was "lame" compared to Splash Mountain at Disneyland. Well, bud, sorry about that. ;)
Kendall won a few little prizes, which totally made her day - a few little stuffed animals to share her stroller.
We also stopped at one of the kid shows, which was totally audience-interactive and fun! The kids had a great time!
We walked through and saw a bunch of animals, at which point my allergies went into high gear. This horse was incredibly tall!
I think Kendall went on four rides total, but she enjoyed most of them, so her smile made it worth it.
We talked her into doing this one with Carter - big mistake. She was NOT having it and they actually had to stop the ride to let her off.
As Carter and I were sitting on this ride, waiting for it to start, the power on half of the carnival went out. We took that time to find some food for dinner and visit the other side of the fair, which still had power.
One of the walking exhibits was "Walk on the Wild Side", which had some exotic animals. This tiger was gorgeous and she was quite playful. She was following Kendall's every move - so cute!
They also had a baby lion which you could hold and have your picture taken - for $30. No thanks! I wanted to take him home, he was so adorable!
On the swings, Carter saw a buddy of his from the Y program, so we all hung out for the following hour, letting the boys go on some rides together.
Once the power came back on for the smaller rides, we went back over to let Kendall finish out what she wanted to ride.
This is how I imagine her driving in high school - big smile, talking to boys, NOT paying attention to the road. ;)
Two hands on the wheel, kiddo!
Carter was nice enough to go on the boats with her.
And we ended the night right where we began. I offered to go with Kendall, but she decided to just sit and "cheer" on Carter as he rode.
I'm glad we decided to go, despite the foot issue with Kendall. The weather was really ideal with the overcast skies and a breeze. At least it wasn't 100 degrees this year!

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