Wednesday, August 6, 2014

More From the River

I didn't have time to really go through the other pictures from the river the other night. I took 10 minutes to quickly cull and do a simple edit of some of them.
As we were walking along, we noticed a baby hummingbird in the grass. It couldn't fly, walk, or open one of its eyes. We couldn't find its nest either, so we just moved it from the open grass to the shelter under a bush in a flower bed. It was surely going to starve to death if its mother didn't find it. :(
After I grabbed some quick pictures of the kids, I turned them loose to play in the river. Now that Carter has some swimming lessons under his belt, I was comfortable letting him go out a little further into the water than he normally does. He had a great time!
Showing us how he swims.
After a fisherman went further up-river, I let the kids gather and throw a bunch of rocks. We have to practice for the cabin in a couple of weeks!

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