Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dana & Veronica's Wedding - Part 3

After the ceremony was over, quite a bit of time was spent doing pictures, in different phases. First we knocked out some family and bridal party pictures.
And really, what fun would it be if we didn't make fun of that damn black eye?!
Then, of course, I had to steal Dana and Veronica away to get some of their own pictures.
The reception really got into full swing at that point. The DJ came up to me and said that while he worked with a ton of photographers, he was really impressed with how I work with the bridal party and family as a whole. I explained to him that they were ALL my family, but my "technique", if you will, definitely carries over to all of the weddings I shoot where I'm not related to the people. It was really nice to hear though.
We had a breakdancing competition between Matthew and Carter - who knew these kids had such mad skills? I asked Carter if he had been secretly practicing in his bedroom at night. He was good!
Right before they took down the bounce house, Dana and Veronica ran in for a few jumps. Let me tell you something, trying to get a decent picture while they are jumping.....NOT the easiest thing in the world. And by that, I mean nearly impossible.
In talking with Veronica in the days following the wedding, we both realized that we forgot so many shots that we both wanted to get. In the end, there was just too much FUN going on. I hope they are happy with what we did get. I have never taken as many pictures at ANY wedding as I did at theirs, so I know they will have plenty of albums to fill with these memories.

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michelle durheim said...

I love her colors! That is funny about Carter dancing. He was dancing at my house, too.