Friday, August 15, 2014

Work Summer Party

Last night was my firm's summer party. They rented out the zoo, after hours, and we had a great private party with dinner, ice cream, and animal interactions. It was a great evening with lots of kids for Carter and Kendall to play with.
One of the animal encounters was feeding the giraffes. Carter was all over this!
My Aunt Brenda wanted to kidnap the giraffe and take him home. She was warned that there was no petting allowed and I'm shocked she didn't try to sneak in a cuddle!
I held Kendall, but she wanted nothing to do with the giraffe, which didn't surprise me. If it's not a dog or a cat, she's really quite scared.
Another animal encounter was petting a baby skunk and a snake. Again, Carter was all over this.
Go figure - she'll pet a skunk. Maybe it's a size issue?
And she touched the snake, too.
Carter was doing rapid-fire with the questions about snakes. The lady could hardly keep up with him. I guess all of our reading in the science books is paying off!
We walked by Mr. Fox so many times throughout the evening - he always looked to cuddly. I wanted to take him home!
As we roamed throughout the evening, the later it got, the more vocal the male lion became. According to the employees, he does this nightly as a way to claim his territory. Not that there is much to claim in that "habitat", but his instincts still run through his blood. It was the most eerie noise. So noted, Mr. Lion, it's all yours! Watch the video here:  You could hear it all the way across the zoo, so I'm not kidding when I say that standing right there, it was LOUD.

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